Recognizing inherent risks and common pitfalls in commercial construction, we prioritize organization through advanced planning, scheduling, and cost control. Our experience encompasses ground-up construction, multi-family projects and boutique build-outs, mitigating risk and ensuring project success.


We specialize in crafting design-rich environments. Our team excels in proactive project management, rigorous job site safety, and focused quality. Harnessing both expertise and valuable partnerships, we navigate project challenges to delivering top-tier service without compromise.


Our pre-construction services help bridge between concept and construction. These include budgeting, planning, design collaboration and value engineering, to ensure cost transparency and continuity of vision for our clients.


What We Do

Dedicated to fostering smart, sophisticated, and responsible development within Western and Upstate New York, we leverage our expertise to collaborate with clients and investors in identifying, designing, and realizing quality assets.


Committed to meticulous craftsmanship, we excel in constructing custom homes, additions, and transformative renovations. Prioritizing quality and collaboration, we seamlessly blend artisan detail with innovative design to maximize your investment and ensure enduring results.


At Bace Build we seek to join people with space in positive & inspiring ways. As a comprehensive construction management and general contracting firm, we possess a deep appreciation for aesthetic value and design process. Our dedicated team, comprised of experienced professionals hailing from diverse disciplines such as architecture, accounting, fashion and fine carpentry, is united by a shared passion to realize client aspirations.

Our portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of residential and commercial endeavors, spanning medium and large-scale renovations, bespoke new build homes, multi-family developments, boutique commercial spaces, and strategic property development opportunities. Our work also extends into successful restoration, historic tax credit and adaptive reuse projects. We leverage a process-driven approach, guided by integrity and technology to navigate the complexities of this diverse project catalog.

We recognize the vital role collaboration plays in translating vision into tangible reality. From homeowners and business owners to architects and industry professionals, we forge close partnerships with each client, fostering an environment of active listening, insightful guidance, and seamless execution.

At Bace Build, we are not merely builders; we are lovers of inspired and enduring spaces. We envision, we craft, and we deliver environments that not only fulfill functional needs but also ignite creativity, foster connection, and stand the test of time.

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