This once-derelict 5,000-square-foot Second Empire mansion has undergone a transformative overhaul, reclaiming its rich architectural heritage while embracing a new contemporary edge. The exterior's defining elements – arched windows, mansard roof, gilded keystones, and ornate corbels – have been meticulously restored, ensuring the faithful preservation of the building's historical essence. The commitment to authenticity also carries within, where soaring ceilings and expansive windows preserve the grandeur of the era. Marble fireplaces, lavish casings, and exposed brickwork stand as elegant testaments to the building's rich past.

However, the extensive restoration exceeds simple preservation. Elements of modern minimalism are carefully woven with the Victorian elegance, creating a unique dialogue between eras. Sleek finishes and contemporary touches complement the original fabric, resulting in a unique tapestry of old and new that crafts a vibrant living space to embrace both heritage and a forward-thinking aesthetic.

Ultimately, this Second Empire masterpiece stands as a testament to the power of adaptive reuse. By meticulously preserving its defining features while incorporating contemporary elements, the restoration breathes new life into the historical fabric, ensuring its continued relevance in the 21st century.

Type: Historic renovation and conversion to multifamily 

Square footage: 5k

Completed: 2020

Location: Rochester, NY

Architect: 9x30 Design Architecture