A Rochester native, Karen leverages over five years of public accounting expertise from Deloitte, where she honed her skills in auditing financials and internal controls of public manufacturing companies. Her experience translates directly into her comprehensive oversight of BACE Build's financial operations, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and compliance. 

Karen's role extends as a key element in crafting accurate financial forecasts for prospective development projects, cash flow projections, historical and Brownfield tax credit applications, and meticulous cost analysis. These comprehensive skillsets also integrate seamlessly for her accounting oversight of all commercial and residential real estate properties within the development wing's portfolio at 43 North.

She’s everywhere.



Lily brings a fresh perspective to the Rochester landscape with diverse creative experience spanning Syracuse, Ithaca, and New York City. Her foundation in product design and development, paired with experience in project coordination and team management, empowers her strategic focus of workflow optimization for maximizing team agility and delivering seamless, personalized client experiences.

Additionally, Lily leverages her creative expertise to spearhead marketing and communications. Her tireless energy and unwavering dedication ensure consistent brand messaging and positive engagement. Her initiative, multifaceted skillset, and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset. 

You can't make her sit still. 



Joel has been involved in real estate since the early 2000s when he purchased his first investment property. He continued to invest and renovate real estate while working in the public accounting industry at Deloitte. Joel left the public accounting industry in 2016 to focus on real estate full time, first forming the construction firm Bace Build and then 43 North Real Estate as a brokerage specializing in real estate development and property management.

Joel specializes in pre-construction analysis, adaptive reuse development, historic and brownfield remediation tax credits, real estate accounting, owner's representation, municipal and utility incentive programs, and capital and finance structure analytics. 



Erik brings more than 18 years experience in areas of concept design, strategy, and project management, as well as custom architectural feature and fixture fabrication for the boutique construction industry.

As a founding partner at BACE Build, Erik directs company operations and oversees project management. His passions lies in scaling operational excellence, shaping collaborative environments, and refining the intricacies of both process and finish across all functions. 

His aspiration simplified: "legacy - building great projects alongside great people."