This $12 million adaptive reuse project has breathed new life into an historic building in downtown Rochester. The Rockford, formerly known as Irving Place and Rochester’s Old City Hall, is a five-and-a-half story, 56k sf, masonry masterpiece designed by Andrew Jackson Warner and built in 1837. The development and construction team partnered with New York’s State and National Historic Preservation Organization, County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency, and aided by the invaluable help of the Landmark Society of Western New York. The project included restoration of the iconic building’s historic exterior, and the conversion and build-out of thirty residential luxury apartments, 10 modern office suites and tenant amenity space. 

The Rockford boasts an eclectic mix of Gothic Revival and Romanesque Revival architecture, emphasized with modern stylistic elements, creating a unique blend of the past, present, and future. Boutique design features complement historic facets, with 12’-14’ brick barrel vaulted ceilings and vintage accents evoking the building's rich history, while crisp new finishes provide modern comforts to the thirty unique apartments. This harmonious fusion makes The Rockford an ideal home for those who appreciate both the charm of the past and the conveniences of the modern world.

The project, sits constrained by a tight footprint in a bustling downtown environment, and demanded meticulous coordination between skilled project managers, trade specialists, and historic preservation experts. Utilizing innovative logistics and adhering to stringent safety protocols, the team orchestrated a symphony of construction trades towards successful restoration of the historic facade, windows, and original roof structure, as well as integration of sleek and modernized interior elements. Their dedication to preserving the building's heritage, combined with the immense efforts of a truly diverse and amazing team, resulted in a triumph of collaboration that leaves a lasting legacy.

The revitalization of The Rockford is not just a success story for the building itself, but also for the surrounding community. It contributes to the ongoing revitalization of downtown Rochester, adding new residents and vibrant energy to the area. The project serves as a testament to the power of adaptive reuse, demonstrating how historic buildings can be transformed into thriving spaces for the future.

Type: Complete adaptive reuse renovation with historic restoration

Square footage: 56k

Completed: 2023

Location: Rochester NY

Architect: 9x30 Design Architecture